Villas for sale in Marbella

The last couple of villa/houses have been quite a challenge to list. In so much that, although we feel our photography is of a high level,we feel that its very difficult to tell the whole story. Especially with the bigger properties on several levels.

So to help you the buyers we will be listing some of our bigger properties with a walk through type video. Why walk through? Well to help you connect the rooms. To get a sense of the views from certain rooms.

Another important aspect is to see how close one would be to the neighbors and for one to get a sense of the neighborhood.

In some instances we hope to able to introduce you to the owners which a great way to understand more about the property in grater detail from the person who knows best. Like why the bought in the first place , what improvements were made along the way and why they are selling.

We have also made this video listing portfolio really easy to find by having the URL of

Lets hope some of our owners agree with us and let us in to start filming.

Thanks for stopping by

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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