Marbella Long term rentals

Marbella long term rentals

Marbella long term rentals

Marbella Estate agent CMH.Properties would like to announce a new website Marbella Long term rentals. We do occasionally have properties that are available to rent prior to purchase as a private deal from an owner. We update regularly our inventory that you should find to show the current month. If this link is not current please hit the  home button then scroll down to our Marbella long term rentals page. You then find the current month.

Our rentals have often come about by offering options to owners who are having trouble selling their property for their desired price.

Holiday rentals: In some case’s when an owner is prepared to legalize their property for holiday rentals, we can also assist you in this area.

If you have stumbled on this page as an owner looking for a rental agency, we can provide many a testimonial stating that we act professionally with integrity for both the landlord and tenant.

Many thanks

Charles Mackenzie-Hill 

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