El Madroñal villas

El Madroñal villas videoblog Day  4 or villa number 3

Video blog day 4.  Not technically day 1 as we have all met before.  Ian McLeod and I have been talking about the increase in video for  the use in marketing in Real Estate. Since “I might add” 2011. All it needed was a sizable project and the competition to kick off, for Ian and I to form a collaboration to document some properties.

El Madroñal is where we are starting. Quite an investment by the company involved with the sponsorship. Professional writers, photographers,  Drone helicopter pilots and two more brokers including myself.

These Little video blogs are an inside look at the people involved in a kind of behind the scene look at how we are tying  everything  together.

If you would like to understand more please live a comment as would be great to connect

Charles Mackenzie-Hill 

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