El Madroñal villas for sale-Introduction

Great news for our buyers and sellers! Over the years working in Real estate I have been brainstorming with Ian Mcleod of Exclusive Marbella on the future of Marketing in Real Estate.  With access to faster internet and from what we gather, an explosion in iPad andtablet ownership.  What this means is  how content is eventually delivered to the end-user. And how this  has changed considerably due how this content is eventually consumed.  Ian has recently returned from a world-famous SEO conference, where it was confirmed that personal videos are going to make up a huge part in how business deliver their message and product to the public. On knowing this and our mutual interest in multimedia or even lightly brushing on multimedia journalism and the tools they use. Meaning, we feel we need to adapt to the new technologies and grow with, and add them to how we already work asReal Estate brokers and property managers

For three years now I have been making video’s for our own listings at CMH.Properties. So feel I have just enough experience to agree to collaboration with Ian McLeod and Marc Van Hoecke on producing some mutual video projects.  Again I have been incredibly lucky, as Ian introduced me  to Marc who Ian knew through his listing of properties, well,  more like magnificent villas in the urbanisation of El Madroñal.  Marc will explain more on his aboutme page but to outline. Marc already lives on El Madroñal . Also has a passion for Real Estate, has experience in developing, married to lovely woman who is an interior designer, who both have an interest in property renovation.

We are taking this area very seriously so have stand alone websites to show these unique villas in a truly worthy way

Video 2 El Madroñal villas for sale V2

This is an evolving post, so bye for now as we are off to make some videos

Thanks for reading

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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