Marbella apartments for sale

Marbella apartment for sale

                                           Marbella apartment for sale

This website, Marbella apartments for sale  is for property video reviews.  Our hope is that if you’re looking to buy then the information in these Real Estate videos will save you considerable amount of your time in narrowing down your search for a suitable property.

Hello. My name is Charles Mackenzie-Hill and run a property company in Marbella with my Spanish wife Carolina called Essentially an Estate agent involved in property Listings, Sales , but also setup to work with people who would like to let their property through our sister websites Marbella long term rentals and Marbella  Holiday rentals. All backed up by our Marbella property management.

We do delete the properties that have been sold or removed from the market.  And sometimes our owners sometime just don’t the time to film their property , so worth, asking the question about any new listings in process or soon  becoming available

Hope we can help, so looking forward to hearing from you.


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