Marbella property renovation


I know the title states Marbella Property renovation and you may be thinking I thought CMH.Properties was a Marbella Real Estate brokerage family run business? You would be correct in that assumption, however in the way of things the majority of our owners prefer to wait for prices to recover before entering the market again.

As a lot of my background is property renovation and my passion for the last two years is growing on the documenting of this process with video, photography and blogging

And whilst our owners wait for market recovery, we get increasingly asked to find tenants for our Marbella long term rentals and Marbella holiday rentals side of the business

This means management and projects as the reality of letting one’s home for fanatical gain normally means investment back into the property.

We have now have a good database of good people who we work with like Architects, interior designers, Electricians, plumbers, Painters, floor polishers, Gardeners, and pool maintenance .

For your interest I attempted to record the whole process of a 3 bed apartment renovation from the beginning to the final Marketing. This project was last winter, so was able to get closely involved as the manager.

Our Monte Mayor Plot D6 project. The 6 bed villa where the owner is the promoter as owns the land and will sell the villa upon completion, we hope for profit.  I am just recording about this process as this is being carried out in an SL which means the owners/promoter has got serious responsibilities with regards to everyone on site.  I found it very interesting and learned a lot but fear my documenting skill’s need a lot of improving

Marbella, Villas, La Cantera , is a 24 year old villa in Marbella in need of updating. The owner George Trowbride has kindly agreed let me learn more about documenting and property renovation

The essence of this post is a gentle reminder that we are involved in all aspect of Marbella Real Estate so can provide for you a complete solution

Thank you for your time

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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