CMH.Properties a  family run property brokerage business based in Marbella  involved with everything, well so it feels, things to do with ” Marbella Real Estate“. It has also become evident that the word is out that I like to try my hand at documenting the transformation process, for the building of Marbella villas to property renovations, even to small holiday apartments

Why? you may ask yourself! Its a good question, but for me moving pictures and sound must provide that essential connection when sometimes the written word or pictures, miss the mark of the intended message.
We hope you will be the judge of that and leave a comment!

One of our current projects has been about the building of a luxury 6 bed villa in the privileged location of Monte Mayor. We call the project plot D6  for the moment as we hope the new owner or owners will choose a fitting name for the villa. It is a very important project for me as have know the owner for many years, so have even built a stand alone website that will help a prospective buyer understand what has gone into the project .The stand alone site can be found at The 14 videos for the series can also be found at Monte Mayor villas 
Bill and Patricia Stoddart’s villa is a 4 bed villa that was built about twenty four years ago and consists of two apartments in one Villa, on a plot of Land measuring 1,105m2 . The price for this villa is 399,000 euros which to us,seems great value. This videos is called El Rosario, Marbella, villa’s for sale 
In actual fact we needed somewhere to place theses Marbella villa’s video’s.  Because as these are transient projects will be needing to updated as we move forward. The domain name of seems quite fitting
We hope that we can be of help to any owners or buyers in the future
Thank you for stopping by

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