Marbella Real Estate

Marbella Real Estate

Marbella Real Estate

Charles and Carolina of CMH.Properties of Marbella, would like to welcome you into 2013. We would also let you know that your properties had fantastic exposure on our first video blog for year ending 2012.

Our  Monte Mayor Villas for sale project provided us with an excellent video recording experience that we can bring to any builder/ developer looking market their property prior to completion. The monthly blog also keeps anyone interested with monthly updates

A number of our owners would like to sell but prefer to wait until the market recovers. In the mean time some of our owners have entrusted us to market their properties as either a Marbella holiday rentals or Marbella long term rentals unit. We use video a lot as this really gives the owner the edge in this competitive market. We recognise that the power of videos for web marketing  is now understood by many types of business owners. Great informational sites like  mashable tend to agree with us that Video for real estate is going to just get better and become a very important part in any business marketing strategy

Marbella Property management is another area that keeps us very busy especially with owners that don’t necessarily speak Spanish or or live overseas. Also Marbella property management is a very important part of running our Marbella Long rentals and Marbella holiday rentals side of the business

As a Marbella Real Estate agent we are really looking forward to 2013.

We hope we can be of service

Best wishes for the New Year

Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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