Properties for sale in Monte Mayor

CMH.Properties Late May 2012 update for our 6 bed villa that we are selling in the Urbanization of Monte Mayor.

The owner, a Mr Richheimer has let me record some of the process of the building of a villa in Andalucía, Spain. (Different Laws for different counties let alone countries)

When I asked the question of, will you be building another, the answer was a resounding no. Its just not easy, its expensive and stressful and it’s important to realize that one becomes a promoter if the project if owned by an SL . This means more responsibilities for the workers are on the owners shoulders.

Its also worth a mentioned that the Monte Mayor golf and country club are looking for new owners, which means the club for now, is closed.

This also might be an issue for a potential purchaser, at this time, so if there are any doubts that one has to having a property in the Benahavis area ,then why not try this property before you buy . A suggested long term rental could be a good option, although the property will come unfurnished.

This video was shot, on a lovely bright day ,late May 2012 by myself , it was just the two of us, the owner a Mr. Richheimer and myself. Hence some wobbly footage as I had a job keeping up.

One can see that all the interior and exterior walls have now been rendered. The blue walkways have now been covered by concrete as the under floor heating is in place.

The Marble has been chosen and will be down hopefully by late June’s video

The meetings are in process for the choosing of the open plan kitchen but first the window frames and windows need to go in for some security.

If you’re not sure of the area then the list of video- blogs below starting with the introduction where you will also find a map and the GPS coordinates


Meeting the owner

Meeting the architect

November 2011

December 2011 a talk with the builder Jacinto Munoz

March 2012

A selection of videos over various months can be found at

My direct line if you would like to call me is 0034-666-785-954 or if prefer to send me a email. My address is

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Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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